Accepted into Hogwarts.

I had another tour booked for today, this time to Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Studio followed by the city of Oxford. Again, I met the bus at 10am, this time having a seat all to myself. After the typical tour guide humor about past incidents and selling stuff left on the bus to eBay, we began a 45 minute drive to the studio. There, we had 3 hours to walk through the exhibit. I was surprised at how all 3 hours were actually needed, it went by quickly! The studio was filled with actual props, costumes, sets and history from the making of the movie. It was fun to see everything up close and to learn a little bit about what they use to design it. For example, all of the books in Dumbledore’s office are actually London phone books covered with old book spines. Many of the exhibits were interactive and you could press a button to watch a cauldron being stirred. They used a lot of mechanics to make things look wizardry. There were also some interactive green screens where you could take your picture or video.

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I found the brooms and the potion rooms the most fun to look at. About halfway through, there was a stop where you can buy Butter Beer and Butter Beer ice cream. I couldn’t decide between the two…so I got both. The ice cream was good, the beer…not so much! It tasted like watered down soda. I also bought some chocolate frogs, and almost bought a wand but decided against it last minute. The wand I liked the most was Ginny Weasley’s for the record.

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Our next stop was to Oxford. It would surely be interesting to go to school here, the whole area seemed so full of tradition. There were many well known authors that went here and I liked knowing how certain things in the environment inspired their famous books, such as Harry Potter and The Chronicle of Narnia. I didn’t get to go inside any of the buildings which I was disappointed in. So after an hour long walking tour, we had an hour to go eat. At the end of the day I didn’t find Oxford something I’d recommend, but I think it was because my stay was too brief and I didn’t go deep enough in my tour.

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