We’re ballin’.

I decided to walk to Notting Hill this morning. I was told it was a cute area that sold antiques. It was a very cute neighborhood, but I was a little surprised by how many of the stores were just your typical souvenir shops selling magnets and keychains. The stores which I hoped would have English vintage clothing, mostly had imported scarves and bags. I stopped for some soup and tea at Farm Girl and then walked back. I had wanted to go in the igloos at Coppa Club today, but wasn’t able to get a reservation. Which maybe was a good thing because it started raining. I used that as a reason to take a nap. I didn’t feel very guilty because I new that my next two days would be busy.

At 6pm I met Amber at Dinerama, which is a covered space that has different food and beverage vendors. I’d been to something similar in some of my stops before, they are becoming very popular. It’s a good way to find food for everyone’s maybe different cravings. I had a delicious cauliflower taco, a cider sampler, nachos, a gin & tonic and lastly, a kebab pita.

At 8pm it was our turn to go to Ballie Ballerson, a ball pit bar for adults. It was impossible not to love the vibe there. Everyone is in a good mood, the walls are glowing and you can hear the laughter coming from the ball pit (which was white balls with glowing colored lights behind them). After checking our bags, we ran straight to the pit and dove in. We played around, diving, swimming, dancing to the music and mostly sinking and trying to resurface. It seemed like an hour later, but really only 20 minutes had gone by. It’s exhausting to play in there! We took breaks to grab a drink from the bar. It might have been my favorite thing done in London so far! The only downside is that they did smell pretty bad like sweat…




Now that we were feeling like kids, we decided to go to one more spot. W chose this rooftop at a bar called Hoxton. It was decorated with a Las Vegas theme which I found humorous. We chatted with a guy who told us how British and American women differ. It was very interesting, but maybe not so surprising. He preferred Americans 😉 We danced a little downstairs because the music was good, but then it changed to elevator music and that was our cue to leave.

I rode the tube home and got stuck talking politics with a guy who had a little too much to drink. I was saved by another (sober) guy who then thought his good behavior would convince me to grab a beer with him at his stop. It’s a bit uncomfortable when you turn someone down and then are stuck sitting across from them on a train for 5 more stops.

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