Paris est une fête!

It was my last full day in Paris. Amber was also leaving this morning, so she, Kyle and I got together to grab a quick breakfast before her train. There was a restaurant that had a high rating so we tried it first. The queue was at least a 45 minute wait, so we tried another place instead called Café Oiseaux. It was very cute, and resembled a quaint grandparent’s home. The menu was all in French, so I ordered in French and then Amber and Kyle both ordered by pointing and/or just using English. We all asked for a coffee and some food. They brought out the coffee and a plate of food for me. I was waiting to start to eat but it was taking too long, so I began even though my friends didn’t have theirs. I thought it was odd that Amber’s didn’t come out too because we ordered the exact same thing, just granola and fruit. Another 20 minutes went by and still no food. I finally asked about it and they never thought the others ordered food. We still aren’t sure what went wrong, although I’d like to think it wasn’t intentional.. Either way we had to find a quick pastry shop before heading to the train station.


Kyle and I then went to the Louvre. Although it was my second time, I had forgotten how vast it is. We opted for an audio guide, which was a play station and actually very confusing to use! We made our way to the Mona Lisa and stopped at others along the way. My favorite is the Giuseppi Arcimboldo Les Quatre Saisons. I also really like the Last Supper painting by Da Vinci. I mentioned in an earlier post how I don’t think the Mona Lisa is amazing, but Kyle made a good point that the history of it and just the popularity of it makes it interesting in itself. We kept walking through to other rooms and then all of a sudden realized that we had spent nearly 3 hours in the Louvre. Our backs and feet were hurting so we walked to a place to sit down and eat. I finally had a Croque Madame and it was delicious. Kyle had never had an Aperol Spritz so we ordered those too! It felt so good to sit so we just ate and enjoyed talking about the latest news in the US.

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Now full from lunch, we wanted to try and go up the Eiffel Tower. We passed through the line quickly, only to realize it was just the security line. The one inside was 10x as long. We waited for maybe 30 minutes before calling it quits. We both needed to check into our new hotels today, after which we decided to have dinner at mine because it was SO cute. It had this outdoor patio, a restaurant and a speakeasy. Unfortunately, the kitchen was closed earlier than it advertised, so all I was able to get was hummus and pita chips. While I was sitting there waiting for Kyle, the table next to me invited me to join them. It was a group of people my age who were from all over, but had met while living in New York. They were super fun and we enjoyed talking with them, so next moved to the speakeasy. The speakeasy had very cool drinks and they flavored all of their water with orange blossoms. I was taught better ways to say things in French and found it funny when I would say things that didn’t translate very well…such as “I am pooped”.

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At some point Karaoke was brought up, and once I hear that word I can’t forget it. Most places closed at 1:30am since it was Sunday, but we found a place that was open until 7am. It was in the basement and very small, but fun and energetic. Besides the singing to Nelly, Backstreet Boys, LFO, and one French song that I pretended to know, my next favorite thing was their glitter toilet seat.

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