My favorite monuments.

My friend Amber arrived from London today and I met her at the train station to get none other than Starbucks. I did discover a new drink which is a cold cappuccino and it was delicious but WAY too much cream. She dropped her things off and we began our day.

It was her first time in Paris, so I took her to Sacre Couer to see the view and the “love wall”. The wall was an installment, versus an interactive, piece so we were pretty disappointed. Afterwards we were walking down this one street that seemed to be lined in adult stores. Finally I decided to say something and she had noticed as well! However, the second we said it, we looked forward to see that we were approaching Moulin Rouge…makes sense. The next stop was something to eat, but we kept passing places that were pricy or didn’t have seating. We ended up passing this place called Thierry Boulageries that made maki rolls with bread. Although they looked good, we split a chèvre baguette instead. It was amazing, and it held us over until we did find a place to sit down. Unfortunately, the more you walk, the more desperate you become, so we ended up stopping at this one place that looked okay, but were disappointed by the food.




The next stop was L’Arc de Triomph. We circled around it and when we finally discovered how to actually go into the center of it, we opted against it and got a lemon sugar crepe instead. I’m always impressed by the Arc, it’s one of my favorite monuments. Next, was what I was looking forward to most, the Le Tour Eiffel! My last trip to Paris I didn’t get too close so I was excited to see it better. On the way we stopped for a picnic lunch, which we enjoyed in the grass. Less enjoyable were the people selling Eiffel Tower key chains. At least you could hear them coming with the jingle jangle of the metals on their key chains. One did sell what we were calling ‘sewage wine’, which I would have bought had we not brought our own. He stores the bottles in under one of those sprinkler covers in the ground (hence sewage) in case the cops come by.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



We walked back on the river and stopped to enjoy a glass of wine. We couldn’t get into the bar seating so we sat on the edge of the river, almost a better spot! Although we were in bed early because we had to get up early the next day, it didn’t matter because the hostel yet again was playing extremely loud music until 3am.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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