Fits like butter.

There was still much to explore in the Medina so more wandering took place today. I ended up getting another pouf (this time leather) and a custom made pair of shoes. They actually traced my feet and took measurements on them and let me pick out the materials and colors. I would have paid hundreds of dollars for these shoes back home, but only paid $60 here. The shoes!




We also took a tour of an old Riad that was turned into a museum. It has a beautiful garden in the middle called “The Secret Garden” where water came all the way from the Atlas mountains using gravity and piping. After a stop for lunch we did a bit more walking. At one point, Kristi was taken to an ATM with a shop owner and I waited at his shop. I asked if I could get commission if I sell something and he said I would get a free blanket if I sold one. I tried my best to lure people in, asking them to see my store, telling them I had the best prices, and letting them know they were made of the best materials. I actually did get two people to come in, but unfortuantley I didn’t close any sales. I did learn to appreciate the heckling that you sometimes get from all of the shop keepers because many people walk by and it’s hard to get their attention, that, and it gets boring just sitting there so it’s fun to talk with people as they pass. After my short stint selling, I came back to pack since I would be leaving at 3am the next morning. I wasn’t able to post anything all week because the Wi-Fi was so bad. Speaking of Wi-Fi, if you ever need to guess the password anywhere in Morocco its ‘2017@2017’ 8/10 times.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

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