Horse taxis and curfew.

This morning I went surfing again and I had fun because the waves were pretty tame and I was able to go out with the group, yet try and surf them by myself. I enjoy it more when I can catch a wave without being told which wave, when to stand and with a push. After about 2 hours we took our wet suits off and relaxed on the beach. Lunch was couscous and some instant coffee that I bought from a man selling it. The group was planning on staying longer, but I wanted to get back and figure out our transportation to Marrakech tomorrow. We had flights booked, but everyone said that it was way smarter to take a car or bus.


I decided I’d walk back along the beach, since it would only be about 30 minutes. Along the way I was offered a “taxi” on a horse with this boy who was about 19. I said no but eventually he convinced me. The horse didn’t really want to go straight so it wasn’t any faster than walking, but it was fun to try and talk french to the owner (who asked my age and then asked me to take off my sunglasses because he didn’t believe me). I then got scared once the horse started to gallop! Galloping in general is a little scary, but doing it while sharing a saddle is worse! I managed to stay on, so I do admit it was fun. Once we reached the end, my “taxi driver” asked to take a selfie. He then proceeded to do cheek kisses and even had the courage to go in for a regular kiss which I promptly pulled away from and told him no way!

I walked a short distance back and struck up a conversation with a guy who had just finished surfing. He worked at a hotel next to mine and said we should go there for dinner tonight. He said they have wine on the rooftop, so it was pretty much a done deal. I stopped to pet the cat which I’ve named nos-nos and then went to get ready for dinner.

We probably arrived at this place, called Manga Guesthouse, at about 8:45pm. It was a little confusing to get into because I think it’s meant for hotel guests only. However, it was such a cool hotel that I’m glad we went. If I were to go to Taghazout again, I’d probably stay there. The rooftop was fantastic and the food was probably the best I’ve had. We finished around 11:30pm and walked the short distance back to our place to find all of the gates have been pulled shut. We started to yell a little bit and managed to wake someone up. Apparently you have to let them know if you’re staying out past 10pm, but I guess we didn’t get the memo.

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