The final Rose.

After breakfast and laundry I went for a run. I judge a city a lot by how run-able it is 🙂 Fortunately, Barcelona was pretty easy. Once you got to a main boulevard, you were able to run without too many stop lights, and luckily, there were not too many people out. I did notice a race had just finished and I wish I would have known about it before. It would have been fun to do a 5k/10k in another country. While running, I noticed that a lot of the shops were closed that I wanted to visit today. Since they actually pull down big gates that block the storefront, there is no way of knowing what their hours are. I noticed that while walking earlier too…we would see a place that looked good to eat, but then you come back later and it has disappeared because the gate is closed (all that’s left is bad graffiti). I also ended up running past their Arc de Triumph, so I’m glad I was able to see that.



Then I spent the next hour or so catching up on writing and photos. Once I was hungry I ended up walking around and finding this place that was a cereal cafe. It was such a great concept! I ordered the Cap’N Crunch Sprinkled Donut cereal (with strawberry chocolate shavings added on top). Still feeling a bit hungry, I stopped for a couple small tacos from a place nearby. I honestly think they were the best tacos I’ve ever had…I wish I would have taken a picture of the menu.




The next morning, April 23rd, was Sant Jordi day was I got up early to scope it out. My friend and I took the train to old town, stopped for an espresso and muffin and then toured the Basilica since it was free to the public this morning (for cleaning). We then walked back to the hostel from there. Along the way we saw that every street was lined with vendors selling roses and books. There were real roses, fake roses, jewelry with roses, candy roses, etc. Ladies are supposed to receive roses and men receive books. Apparently if you are offered and accept a rose from someone it means you are true loves. I wish I could have stuck around to find mine, but unfortunately I had a plane to catch! I was headed to Morocco today!




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