The last (9pm) Supper (in Madrid).

This morning I met the Australians and my new roommate from China for breakfast (the hostel breakfast was decent, cheap and mostly easy, but I really wish it had eggs). Orignally, the group from yesterday was going to do Toledo today, but everyone kind of decided against it and instead we made plans to meet up at Buen Retiro Park.

I knew the park was huge, but I didn’t expect it to be SO huge. I could have been lost (good lost) in there for days. It also was well maintained and clean. We basically just took a slow pace stroll around the park. Stopping at the lake to watch people paddle boat, stopping for a cafe, stopping to look at beautiful greenery, stopping at the crystal palace (not impressed) and then stopping at what was my favorite part…the park with peacocks!!

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Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

The peacocks were everyone and roamed around freely! We spent the next 30 minutes there taking pictures of them (and the baby ducks) leveraging Michaels iPhone with portrait mode. Finally, we made our way out and then I discovered my next favorite place, a road lined with little vendors selling used books. They were mostly in Spanish, but I still could have browsed through for hours.

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Yet, we were starving so kept going trying to find the Mercado. The local one was closed, so we went to the touristy one. I was not disappointed! It was like being at a food and wine festival, a building filled with booths of small tastes of the most delicious bites to eat and beverages to go alongside. I started with a Vermouth on the rocks and some olives. Next, had a bread topped with soft cheese, pesto and tomato. Then, a mushroom fritter. Finally, more bread and cheese paired with red wine. We surprisingly were full so we called that lunch (it was 3:30pm by now) and then walked back to relax in our hostels.

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A few of us decided to do one final dinner all together. We tried to go to this cool rooftop, but it was full. Instead we walked around until we found this cool street food place. It was a big space with lots of different asian food booths inside and long tables to sit at. I had my favorite, pad thai! I was so hungry at that point, it was 9pm that I also split some marinated tofu. We talked about interesting fruit we’ve eaten (as we stuff our faces with fried noodles) and whether or not we wanted drinks. Surprisingly we couldn’t find any room for drinks or dessert so we said our final goodbyes and parted ways.




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