I will walk 10,000 steps…and I will walk 10,000 more.

I signed up for the walking tour this morning because I did still want to meet people and because I wanted to learn more about the city, since I’ve just been observing. We had a large group, 17 of us, from 3 different hostels. I really enjoyed the walking tour and learning how how Sangria, Tapas and other cultural things began. It was also really nice to walk and talk with the others in my group. I didn’t really click with the people from the first night, but this group had some very awesome people. It was a mix of Americans, Australians, Canadians, Mexicans, a Grecian and a Columbian.

A few of us decided we didn’t want to part once the walk ended, so we had lunch at a place the guide recommended (I’m sure she got a free meal out of it). We got to know each other more and interesting discussions… the financial situation in Greece, how Amazon is changing things, migrating from the Phillipines, our favorite places we’ve visited and of course the things we love about our city. By the end of it, the 3 women from California in our group were offering to host us if we ever are in Cali. A free house in Napa? Ok!


After lunch, I loved how some of us were still down to hang out. It was clear that we were enjoying each others company so we kept walking around, did some shopping ate some Churros, and then made plans to meet up later for sunset. I met Chanta and someone from her hostel in the square and we started our walk. We stopped on the way for box wine (classy) and tapas then met up with everyone else. The area was busy with people hanging out on the grass with blankets and picnics waiting for the sun to go down. We had more interesting conversation about politics, language and culture which never became a dispute, but remained very respectful.



Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


Once the sun set, it was freezing and were were ready for some Sangria, so we walked to a restaurant close-by that was known for good shrimp and Sangria. It was a crowded little place with small standing tables, but it was warm and the food was good. Afterwards we waited in the square for some more people to meet up with us. However, by the time they found us, most of us were ready to go home.



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