¡Ole Aletico Madrid!

I had a continental breakfast at the hostel where I ran into someone from the first night. We decided to check out the Sunday Flea Market, El Gastro Flea Market. It took over the streets and drew a huge crowd. It had a lot of vintage clothes and other souvenir type things. It was fun to look around, but neither of us bought anything. There is something about going to a local flea market or farmers market that really makes you feel part of community. I planned on doing the walking tour afterwards, but when they say it’s everyday, that doesn’t include Sunday lol.


Instead, I decided to go for a run since it’s a good way to see more, and to be honest, I’ve been indulging in way too many pastries.. After getting through the crowds and down to the river, I found the most beautiful running path. There were so many other people out running, roller blading, playing soccer or just enjoying the nice Spring weather on a Sunday.




Up next was something that I was super excited for….a professional futbol game, Atletico Madrid! I got ready and then left early to ensure enough time might I get lost in the metro. I stopped for some food on the way and ended up seeing someone from Minneapolis who I haven’t seen in years, so ironic. The trains were super easy to figure out. I was there within no time. Had I gotten lost, I could have just followed the crowds of people wearing flags, scarves and jerseys. In order to fit in, I bought a scarf, which I’m pretty sure was a knock-off, but I was most likely only going to wear it once. I truly must have fit in, because I was asked several times for directions! I had great seats and I sat there soaking in the sunshine and eagerly waiting for the game to begin.

Between the flags everyone had on their seats and the chanting, the energy levels were through the roof! I didn’t know the lyrics to sing along, but I enjoyed every moment of it. The only thing I actually didn’t really like was when the crowd would make whistle noises when they think there was a foul..it was very hard to determine what was an actual whistle or not. Atletico ended up winning 3-0 so it was a very fun game. I was definitely in my element here.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I had a quick dinner at a place next door to my hostel. I’m glad it was close because in the middle of the night I reached for my purse to get my charger only to realize that my purse was no where to be found. I had left it hanging on the back of my chair at the restaurant! This is the downside to carrying your credit cards in your phone case and your key fob on a bracelet. Luckily, it was there waiting for me when I went back over with everything still in place.

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