Shred and Tread

Today’s tide allowed for both me and my dad to surf in the morning. Mine was at 6am and his at 8am. I had another great time and I think my best waves yet. Although, I’m really starting to feel sore in my arms, but luckily my coach today, Danny, gave me a tow so I could catch one last wave. I never turn down a free tow out to the green, but I tried to keep it low key so the others wouldn’t get jealous LOL. Since our afternoon was free, we booked ATVs to ride to Montezuma.

It was a dusty ride, but the views were worth it! We drove through the town and then along the coast and eventually through the jungle. There was endless vegetation, animals, and beautiful ocean to look at. Although, I feel horrible because the Halloween crabs are starting to come out now that it’s beginning to rain and while I tried my best to avoid them, I ran over two :(((((




Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

We arrived and hiked to the water fall where we went for a swim. It felt great to get all of the dust off. Then, walked around town for a bit before heading back and stopping at the cutest bakery where we bought très leche cake (quattro leche since we washed it down with milk). The plan was to stop at a beach bar on the way back, but we passed by some kids selling coconuts and I always support lemonade/coconut stands since I know the hustle very well. That, plus the cake made us too full so we just kept riding.



We returned in time to shower and make the daily sunset drinks at Pranamar Villas. Back at Shaka, they were playing 80s music so a dance party began with the featured groove, the backpack kid dance. I tried not to eat too many of our favorite chips, Gina’s, because it was pizza night. Then….the pizza came out! We ate our weight in pizza only to learn that John and Jennifer brought ice cream sandwiches for everyone, so we ate some more. The brand of ice cream is called Trits, which turned into a game of using the ice cream name in exchange for something that sounds similar (think about it). You can probably guess who went to bed first.

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