Packing, the second time around.

You think it would be easier to pack the second time around, but you know the saying, what you don’t know can’t hurt you? Well, now I know what I would like to bring and that I don’t have room for it all. Notice I said “what I would like to bring”. If I only packed what I needed, I’d be squared away.

You see, similar to last time, I know I need more cold weather clothes. I also know, especially in Europe, that I need smarter looking clothes. I’d prefer not to tour nice museums and wander the streets amongst well-dressed Italians in my dirty tennis shoes, ripped jeans, and baggy t-shirt. So, here is what I concluded.

I removed my winter hat, scarf and gloves. Seems crazy after my experience in Japan, right? Well, I replaced it with a warmer jacket and more long sleeve tops. I figure I can wear my sarong as a scarf. I typically don’t wear hat and gloves in 55 degrees anyways, and I don’t think I’ll be hiking volcanoes at sunrise in Europe. Worst case scenario, I will buy a pair and then ditch the sarong. The sarong will be hard to part with…we’ve been through a lot (and it’s starting to show).

I added more shoes! I may regret this, and the hard part is, I wouldn’t feel comfortable ditching any of them! One pair of leather thongs, one pair of leather slides, one pair of Toms, one pair of tennis shoes, and one pair of black Converse. I was tempted to swap the converse with a pair of flat leather booties because they are actually more comfortable, but I don’t think they’ll be as universal. I did hold back on adding heels.

I swapped out a few of my t-shirts and tank tops for others, mainly because I grew quite tired of the old ones. Other than that, not too many changes. I may end up ditching my towel towards the end but that is yet to be determined.

The best thing I’m bringing is my jean jacket with all of my patches. Who knows, maybe I’ll even find an iron along the way and add to it as I go!


Here goes part two! Up first, Costa Rica!

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