Salt Neck?

The plan for the morning was to go to Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine, known for the orange gates that line the path to the top of the mountain. It was only a few miles away so I decided to walk there. Headphones in, I had a nice walk there, still laughing about some of the fun had the night before. I reached the temple and began my ascent. The bottom was crowded with people trying to get pictures by the infamous orange gates. However, the higher I went (I started having flash backs to the stairs to the temple in Bali) the less crowded it became. The views of the city below were amazing and I was so impressed by the gates that led all the way up. I snuck off the path for a bit and it was so incredibly quiet. I sat and relaxed for a bit (I also wasn’t in the best hiking shape after last night) before heading back down.


I’m pretty good at taking selfies, but I was having a hard time here just due to the amount of people and the lack of things to set my camera on. I asked someone but the picture they took didn’t turn out that great. Just when I had accepted the fact I wouldn’t get any really good pictures here, a Japanese man stopped me and asked if he could take my photos. He said I was very beautiful (sorry, I didn’t hear you can you say it again?) and that he takes photos for a hobby. I thought he meant on his own camera, but then he asked for mine. Gladly, I gave it to him and it suddenly turned into a full on senior pictures photo shoot. He told me the best places to stand (sometimes sit) and turn all within the best lighting. I admit, I was loving it. I also received some great pictures out of it. He said that he loves to see tourists in Japan and that I’m always welcome. It was very sweet of him!






I stopped and got some candied coated strawberries and a green smoothie (despite there being so many other options of fried things on a stick) and walked back. After Netflix and Chilling for a bit, I met up with my New Zealand friend again and we went to a Yakatori restaurant in Gion. We ordered a bottle of wine as he enjoyed eating heart, liver, skin, gizzard and salt neck (I LOL about salt neck, why not just neck? Salted neck? Why not salt this skin?)….I stuck to salad, fried chicken and mushrooms.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

After dinner, I went to a show in a small theater near by. I have been to many theatrical performances before, but this might be the best I’ve ever seen! I was thoroughly entertained for 1.5 hours. The best part? They didn’t speak. They purely used sound effects, gestures and facial expressions to tell the story. This was perfect, since I wouldn’t have been able to understand it in Japanese. What I love about that idea is that here I was sitting next to people who I can’t communicate with, yet, we are laughing and clapping at all the same moments. We could both follow along perfectly. I did laugh a ton, it was clever and creative and still (sort of three stooges- esque). In addition to being funny and acting, each character also had their own special talent, juggling, miming, break-dancing, ballet and magic. It was at the GEAR theater in case anyone is going to Kyoto, it was a must-do in my opinion. The show ended and I took a cab home. He wasn’t sure where my address was, but he called the hostel and found it, again, what would I have done without a cellphone?!  Probably used a travel agency 😉

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