If you can’t beat em, join em.

One day on Phi Phi Islands, what to do? I considered diving, but my ferry didn’t land until 11am and honestly I didn’t’ know if I felt like rushing and diving. I also knew where I was staying was a “party hostel” and I figured the best way to sleep at a party hostel was to avoid sleeping at a party hostel. So, I signed up for their booze cruise. The island government recently changed their booze cruise rules so it limited where you can drink. I figured this worked in my favor, as it would limit how crazy it would get. They also had a rule that if you lost your cup you can’t drink any more (to save on plastic) which I think is a fabulous rule.



The group gathered and loaded the boat, I knew one person, a guy from Tennessee who I was sharing a room with. I figured I needed to make some girl friends too so I sat next to some girls and began chatting as we pulled out of the pier. The gave us a run down of the stops we would make and the rules and off we went, each getting a sugary spirit pulled into our mouth first.

It was very social. Everyone was chatting and eagerly awaiting the first stop (where we could officially have our first drink). The first stop was monkey bay! We took a long boat over to a beach but the monkeys were minding their own business…until someone brought out food of course. Then they were all over us. We took turns holding them before we went back to the bigger boat.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Drinks in hand, the party officially started. Music started pumping and people were dancing and chatting. We had to pause a bit (I appreciate them telling us some history) at Vikings cave where Chinese Merchants (who were thought to be Vikings at the time) would stop during bad storms and take shelter. They painted on the walls to pass time, but people are no longer allowed in there because they were scaring the birds away. These birds a very special as they use their spit to make birds nest, which is then harvested to make soup (a Chinese delicacy). I’m not kidding either.

At this point, I was having a seriously good time. Everyone was so much fun and interesting and loved to dance as much as I did. We had another stop at a National Park where we got out, took a group picture on the beach and then went to explore the snake caves (we were not allowed to go in them as the snakes do bite. If anyone got caught going down they would send them on a long boat home (this was the case for anyone who drank too much too, and there truly was a long boat following behind us). My Dutch friend and I went to do some brief rock climbing because he wanted a photo. I always appreciate when someone else asks for a photo first, because then they always offer to take mine. I also happened to be the better Tarzan of the two of us.



Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

The next stop was at a cove where we could swim, kayak or snorkel. Just as we pulled up, it started to downpour. The best part? No one cared in the slightest. Everyone was in their swimsuits and half wet anyways, so the party went on. In fact, I think that is when it reached its peak. Everyone was laughing, singing and dancing in the rain. Eventually it stopped and the first person jumped off the boat into the water and the swimming began.



The rest of the way back the DJ played the best 90s and 00s hits and we danced the whole way back. Early in the day I was thinking that after the boat cruise that I would have had enough and just go straight to bed. However, I was in such high spirits that we decided to keep going. We made a quick stop for some pizza then went to the beach bars (aka my hostel). It was amazing! Fire shows, glow jump ropes, limbo contests, beer pong, dancing, light shows…. Everywhere I looked it was like a crazy dream. The tide was pulling out too and the beach became bigger. I indulged in some glow paint, attempted some double dutch, made it to the second to last round in limbo and someone managed to get the microphone to MC the show. Eventually, I did start to feel tired. So I went and sat down and took it all in from a distance. Then, made my way to my dorm room. Guess what? I was right, I went right to bed and didn’t hear a thing.



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