Chiang Mai: Wanderlust and Talking with Strangers.

My first night and day in Chiang Mai I learned the definition of Wanderlust. I could wander these little streets within the main square (a wall from the old city partially still up) endlessly. In a way it kind of reminded me of a smaller New York City. In the sense that you stumble across little gems of restaurants and shops on every side street. Even at night, it’s bustling and during the day it was just as busy, yet not overcrowded. I mostly walked, although I really enjoyed the speed and breeze that came with a TukTuk.

I would keep going until I saw something worth stopping for (which was often, so I’m glad I didn’t have a scooter here). Some of the stops included a temple, a latte art winning cafe, a Thai massage spa, a hot food stand, an ice cream shop, a park with a book fair, a fruit market, a craft market, and so many more things! I ended up taking 29,000 steps in just one day, which is also why I ended with a reflexology foot massage. My favorite thing ever. Hands down better than any back massage. Although, a true Thai massage, is also better than any massage back home. It’s more effective in loosening your muscles and stretching you out, yet, it also relaxes you because they hit all of these pressure points.

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I brought my book everywhere I went so I could easily stop, relax and enjoy my latest novel. I forgot how much I love sitting down to a dinner with a book in hand. I don’t do that much at home because I will go out to eat with friends or read in the quiet of my bed. I wanted the first two days to be full of exploring the square, but I did book tours for Thursday and Friday. I had nothing planned for Wednesday so I ventured out Tuesday night.

I was ready for some company so I decided to head first to dinner and see who was around. At this point in my trip, I really have no fear in striking up a conversation with a stranger. I used a clever opening line to these Dutch guys next to me,“Is that beer any good?” haha but it worked and we ended up talking the rest of the dinner. Sadly, they had an early tour and wouldn’t be going out. Next, I went to a bar that was supposed to be popular.

I saw a girl sitting alone at the bar so decided she would be the easiest person to talk to. Turns out, she was hoping for a friend as well! She and I ended up hanging out together, and then had two guys come join us. Everyone was so much fun! We danced and drank cocktails called “lost in Chiang Mai” until closing time. Fortunately, the streets are easy to navigate and safe at night so I did not follow the destiny of my drink.

The only downside? I broke my favorite pair of leather rainbow sandals. I’ve had these sandals for EVER. They are supposed have a lifetime warranty but I wasn’t about to carry them with me until I could ship them back.



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