Bye Bye Bali!

My last day in Bali was the epitome of traveling alone and adventure. If you had asked me what my plan was that evening I would have said I was going to walk to the beach, watch the sunset and then walk back and watch Netflix or write. Well, here is how it really turned out…

I was walking toward the beach when a guy on a scooter stopped and asked me which way to Kuta beach. I said just go straight because that is where I was headed, but I plugged in the directions on my phone for him to see. Turns out, I was NOT headed toward the beach. Well, I was, but not the main beach. He thanked me and said he’d see me there and then he paused and asked if I wanted a ride. He was Canadian so I said yes.

I was giving him directions as he was driving but we kept getting lost somehow. Both of us intended on seeing the sunset, but it wasn’t seeming likely. Eventually we did make it there and did catch the end of the sunset. It was probably a good thing that he met me because he didn’t know a couple things about scooters, such as how to put the kickstand up or how to open the seat to store the helmets. We had a drink on the beach as we got to know each other. It was refreshing to have the company as my last 5 days in Ubud were pretty solitary. I gave some recommendations of things to do and we talked about my future plans.

We were heading back as both of us were tired, but on the way back we heard some loud cheering from a bar. I looked over and saw it was a drag show and we both agreed we had to stop. The show was great, but to make it more interesting I dangled a few dollars above my new friends head. Sure enough, the boys (two of them were not in drag), pulled him on stage and gave him a risqué dance. I laughed hysterically as he sat blindfolded on stage stiff as a board.

The show reenergized us, so we were going to head to one more place. However, on the way there we had a slight accident with a taksi (not a typo). It was terrifying in the moment, although it wasn’t that bad. As I carefully went to retrieve his shoe from the street (I don’t know how it fell off) I came back to him discussing payment with the driver. He wanted $200 but I was able to get it down to $100 for my friend. I didn’t really trust him to drive anymore and I’m a much more experienced scooter driver, so I insisted I drive back. At this point, another stop was no longer sounding fun so I brought myself home and then wished him luck as he navigated home with the help of my google maps no longer! The night wasn’t how I planned but those are often the best.

Summary of Bali:

Highlight: Lempuyang Temple (ok and maybe my outdoor shower)

Lowlight: Losing my debit card (I luckily brought two, so can transfer funds)

Things I learned: I hate negotiating. Its not my thing. Usually, the first price they give you is very reasonable. $15 for this shirt that you made by hand? I really don’t want to negotiate you down to $9 because you deserve $15 if not more! The traffic appears crazy, but they have much more respect for other drivers, you will not see road rage here. The spa treatments are very affordable but that doesn’t always mean they are good, had a couple good ones and a couple bad ones.

Things I wish I had: A sandwich, just a regular Subway sandwich. And hair that didn’t get frizzy.

NEW – Things I didn’t need: My silk pillowcase, leaving it behind not that it takes up that much space.

Missed opportunity: The lost day in Canguu due to flight delays. I also would have liked to go to the more southern part of the island or to the Gili Islands.

Would I come back: Yes, to either of Canguu or Ubud and also probably another part of the island.

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