Surfing, Shopping, Smoothie Bowls, Yoga and Massage.

Is there a better combo? No. And I highly recommend in that order! It was great to wake up early get a light breakfast and then hit the waves. I was so happy to catch some good waves after not ideal waves in Australia. I also was successful on a shorter and hard board!! It was a lot of fun and also extremely tiring. But, while I wanted to take a nap afterwards, I also wanted to explore. A gal from Pennsylvania and I took a moped into town to check out a cool bazaar called Love Anchor.


We also went to a great restaurant where we had a wheatgrass shot and a delicious grain bowl.


I was back in time for the yoga class and today’s style, Yin, was exactly what I needed. It was all seated (yay!) and involved holding a pose for 3-5 minutes (not yay). It sounded hard, and it was, but it was so worth it in the end. You stretch the fascia that is so hard to get at and you also learn how to talk your mind though something difficult. I picked myself up off the ground at the end, only to lay back down a few meters away on the massage table. I then enjoyed a nice balinese massage. I’m so used to light music playing in the background, and not more than 5 minutes after I was thinking that, someone nearby started playing a drum set. Not really what I had in mind, but I laughed to myself and actually really enjoyed it (luckily they were pretty good). The day ended at a place called Deus where I shared a pizza and listened to some live music until it was time for that nap I’ve been wanting to take all day.

The next day was pretty similar, healthy breakfast over interesting conversation with a woman staying here. The bowl was made out of beans!


Next, I did a little writing, did some scooting in the morning to the beach (caught the last 3 minutes of the Super Bowl game), followed by another photo worthy lunch.



Following lunch was surfing, which ended up getting rescheduled since the waves weren’t big enough. I was slightly glad as I was feeling a bit under the weather. I forgot about the whole not using the sink water to brush your teeth thing.. I tried to tough it out but ended up taking one of the z-packs that my travel doctor gave me. I started to feel better so I’m glad I did. I also ended up taking a natural motion sickness pill as I had a 45 minute drive ahead of me to Ubud.

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