Flight to Australia: Losing a day of my life

It’s weird to think I lost a day of my life. What if something good was going to happen that day??? Do I get that same day back when I fly home or is it considered a new day? These are the sorts of things you start to think about when you’ve been sitting in an airplane for 14.5 hours.

14.5 hours from LAX to Sydney. I guess I didn’t realize how long this flight actually was. The time zones confused my understanding. I left LAX at midnight my time, so all I wanted to do was sleep. I learned where the term ‘you snooze you loose’ comes from. It stems from if you sleep at the beginning of the flight, you lose your opportunity for dinner.  Luckily they had some things left over so I was able to have a little something when I woke. Nothing like beef tenderloin at 6am 🙂

I woke up thinking I must have slept 10 hours, probably only 4 to go. Nope, 7 hours to go….Before I left I did an intense cardio and strength workout, which has helped with the consecutive sitting. Despite that, it’s inevitable to not get a sore derrière and stiff neck. That said, I managed to keep myself entertained.

I used the time to enjoy doing things I like: reading, writing, sleeping, eating, and watching movies (the majority of movies consumed in my life have been on airplanes, I think). I have a feeling by the end of my travels, I’ll have watched all the movies they offer, so here’s to hoping new releases come out soon.

For the record, Home Again with Reese Witherspoon is V good. So is the documentary called Gardeners of Eden which covers the future of elephants (which is no future in 10-15 years if poaching continues at its current rate). So if you know anyone still buying ivory, please educate them.

Oh, and thanks to Delta’s latest loyalty play, they offer free text messaging. Now if only they offered free Instagram perusing and posting.

I also used the time to do something I don’t do enough of, drink water (with wine occasionally mixed in because it’s free, duh). To answer what you’re thinking– I was in the aisle seat so my seat mate wasn’t bothered by my frequent trips to the loo (although he may have been judging). Speaking of my seat mate, he had a fantastic Australian accent and it grew excitement for the endless accents I’m about to hear for the next few months.

2 hours to go….breakfast was served. Tackled a third movie.

Landed. That really wasn’t actually all that bad, especially with the adrenaline of expecting what is yet to come on my adventure. Now, off to my first hostel experience. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Flight to Australia: Losing a day of my life

    1. I love reading the posts as well…wish there was a notification sound when a new one is posted☺️❤️as I probably check every half hour😂.


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